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Who's Who

Arizona Foundation for Social Justice Children and Youth Services, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization incorporated in 2009 is a work of the President/,CEO Dr. Ajagbe operating under an independent Board of Trustees.


 Hon. Janice Brewer, the former governor of Arizona (2008-2015)

Our Honorary Board Members has broad representation from different sectors, including the private, legal, medical, academia, business, government and non-profit sectors, and collectively represents a wide range of specific skills and expertise.








1) Prof. Dr. Cornel West, Ph.D.

    Center for African American Studies

    Princeton University, Princeton, NJ








2) Dr. Michael Obasaju, D.V.M.,M.V.M.,Ph.D.

     IVF / Andrology & Hormones Laboratory Director
      New York Fertility Institute, New York








3) Mr. Charles L. Ryan, M.P.A.

    State Director, Arizona Department of Corrections








4) Prof. Patrick Adeboyega, M.D.

     Professor of Pathology, Anatomy & Cell Biology

        Director of Histopathology, Research Laboratory

      LSUHSC - Shreveport, LA 








5) Mr. Neal Young, M.B.A. Former State Director

   Arizona Department of  Economic Security










6) Prof. Ola-Rotimi Matthew Ajayi, Ph.D.

   Former  Vice Chancellor/President, Landmark University, Nigeria











7) Judge Ronald Wilson, Juris Doctor

     Presiding Judge, South Tucson City Court











8) Prof. Ana Maria Merico, Juris Doctor

     James E. Rogers College of Law

     The University of Arizona








9) Mr. Ted Williams, Juris Doctor

     President/CEO Arizona Behavioral Health Corporation









10) Dr. Grace H. Chauke, M.D.

     Bethlehem, South Africa











11) Prof. Matthew C. Whitaker, Ph.D.

      Arizona State University










12) Senator Rebecca Rios, M.S.W.

       Former State Senator










13) Ms. Linda Lyman, Former President/CEO

      Greater Phoenix Youth at Risk










14) Ms. Dina Higgins, B.A.

      Former  Councilmember, City of Mesa












15) Mr. Jeff Kleck, Former Superintendent      

     Maricopa Unified School District  



The AFSJ-CYS is led by a dynamic Board of Trustees who work to assure that we fulfill our mission and meet our goals. During two-year terms, trustees members set broad policy, review and approve programs and budgets, and ensure financial stability and accountability.















1) Tanya Marie Schell, RN, BSN (Chair)











 2) Beverly Labbe, BA (Member)






3) Dr. Lovie Jackson, M.S.W.,Ph.D. (Member)








4) Dr. Catherin Snyder, Psy.D.(Member)









5) Sandy Clark Valentin, BA (Member)








6) Leanne Vogt, BA (Member)










7) Sanzanna Toles, Ph.D. (Member)











8) Amy Seese-Bieda, M.S.W., L.S.W.(Member)



The Arizona Foundation for Social Justice Children and Youth Services brings together a diverse Executive Management Team with proven expertise in Social and Human Services. 

The EMT have extensive histories of successful collaborative efforts as well as effective provision of services families and



                                      Executive Team


                                   Dr. Sylvester Ajagbe, S.T.L., Ph.D., D.Min.


                                                                Ms. Stacia Ortega, B.A.

                             Executive Vice President/Chief of Staff

                             Dr. Kathy Mohr-Almeida, Ph.D.

           Executive Vice President for Behavioral Heath Services

                              Dr. Elizabeth Anthony, Ph.D.

                      Chief Research and Evaluation Officer


                                                           Dr. Mark Bastin, Ed.D.

                                     Chief Education Officer    



                              Administrative Team



                                                          Lane Organ, B.S

                         Personal Assistant to Dr. Sylvester Ajagbe



                                                   Denise Birmingham, A.A.

                                     Office Administrator


                                    Berenice Aviles, A.A.

                                  Administrative Assistant


                                              Erin Brackney

                                        Executive Assistant/Comm. Liaison


                       Management Team


                                   Patricia Salazar, B.A. 

                                 In - Home Services Director



                             Tinna Gunnarsdottir, B.S.W. 

                                 Equine Program Director


                                 Cherie Key, B.S.W.

                                 Youth Program Director                             


                               Regeanna Mwansa, M.B.A.

                                Director, Alliance of Foster Youth

                                       and  Alumni of Arizona