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Our Volunteers - ordinary people doing extraordinary things


Arizona Foundation for Social Justice Children and Youth Services volunteers are a valued division of the Arizona team, and will be helping  more than 10,000 people in need each year.


Our volunteers assist us with many different   areas, including:                     



Literacy and numeracy tutoring·                      

Community support·                      




Event assistance



Arizona Foundation for Social Justice Children and Youth Services is committed to providing our volunteers with a rewarding experience by offering ongoing training, support and recognition.



Who volunteers? Our volunteers come from all walks of life. They are students seeking work experience, retirees, recently-arrived migrants wanting to contribute to their new country and highly skilled professionals. The employees of our Corporate Partners are also involved in volunteering.



Why volunteer? Volunteering is a great way to become more involved in your community, meet new people and help Arizonans in need transform their lives.


Current volunteering opportunities To find out about our current volunteering opportunities please call our hotline at 520-840-5561.  If you cannot find a suitable role in the current opportunities, we will endeavor to find you a great role suited to your skills and capabilities.If you have any inquiries about volunteering with Arizona Foundation for Social Justice Children and Youth Services, call the  Volunteering Hotline at 520-840-5561 or email your inquiry to



Volunteering rights and responsibilities


At Arizona Foundation for Social Justice Children and Youth Services we are committed to providing a rewarding, safe and well-supported experience for our volunteers. In return, we have particular expectations about the conduct of our volunteers, and their responsibilities as representatives of AFSJ-CYS.


Our commitment to you as a AFSJ-CYS volunteer:


To be treated as a partner in social change

·To work in a healthy and safe environment

·To be considered for a role that reflects your personal preference, skills, abilities, qualifications and experience

·To provide you with appropriate information about AFSJ-CYS, including policies and procedures as they apply to you

·To provide orientation, induction and suitable training to undertake your role

·To provide appropriate supervision and support

·To provide opportunities for advancement to greater responsibility or transfers to other activities, subject to personal preference, suitability and availability of work

·To recognition and reward for the work undertaken


Our expectations of you as a AFSJ-CYS volunteer:


 To be punctual and respectful of others

 To reflect AFSJ-CYS’ mission, vision and values in “how” the volunteer work is accomplished.